Statement of Persons Nominated, Notice of Poll and situation of Polling Stations

A poll for the election of a Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury will be held on Thursday 12 December 2019, between the hours of 07:00 am and 10:00 pm. One Member of Parliament is to be elected. The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validity nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper can be found in the ‘Recent Documents’ section of this website.

General Parish Notes

Fireworks    If you are planning to set off fireworks, it would be courteous to make your
immediate neighbours aware in case extra arrangements need to be made for dogs,
cats, horses etc (and sheep!).

Dog Waste Bins  It is with disappointment that the PC have agreed to a trial of dog waste bins in the village, it was hoped that after articles in previous newsletters that all owners would clear up after their pets. The majority of villagers do but we also have visitors to the village. Before we spend the Parish funds on official dog bins (£500 per bin), it was agreed a trial of 2 temporary bins (provided by a member of the parish) would be placed, one by the village pond and one on the verge at the junction of A38 and Church Lane. John Arkell has agreed to empty them for the trial (until Jan 2020). The level of success will be discussed at the first PC meeting in the new year when a decision will be made. A reminder that dog waste is allowed in everyone’s normal green bin that goes to landfill so hopefully this will not be a long term requirement.

Parish Web Site  It is now nearly three years since we created our Parish website and although certain parts are regularly updated I am afraid recently I have been unable to find the time to look after it all. I am, therefore, looking for someone in the Parish who would be happy to look after the site for the future. All it takes is about 2-3 hours a month and you do not need to be a computer expert – it is really easy. If interested, please contact me by email ( and I will be happy to help with any handover. Colin W

Beware your speed. Now that the darker nights are coming can we all be mindful of walkers, dogs and
horses whilst we drive around the village. We don’t want any accidents.

Pre Submission Tewkesbury Borough Plan – Planning for the future – tell us what you think

An important consultation about planning development in Tewkesbury Borough launched on 4th October 2019.

Tewkesbury Borough Council wants to hear from the public about a crucial planning document – the Pre-submission Tewkesbury Borough Plan – before submitting it to the Government for independent examination.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan provides detailed and locally-specific planning policies on issues in Tewkesbury Borough, such as housing, employment, retail, the urban and natural environment and transport. It also includes smaller-scale sites allocated for housing and employment development.

The plan feeds directly in to the Joint Core Strategy – the over-arching strategic planning document for Gloucester City, Cheltenham Borough and Tewkesbury Borough which sets out how much growth needs to be accommodated in the three areas and the broad strategy for how that growth will be delivered.

The Pre-Submission Tewkesbury Borough Plan is at an advanced stage in the plan-making process, having been developed over a number of years and been through three previous stages of public consultation.

This is the version of the plan that the council intends to submit for independent examination by a Government-appointed planning inspector, but before it submits the plan, the council is required to consult on the document one last time. However, unlike previous consultations, the responses made this time will be submitted alongside the plan, as part of the examination process.

Councillor Rob Bird, leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “The Borough Plan we are about to submit to an independent Government Inspector for examination is the result of considerable assessment work and public consultation on the future needs of our community. There is now an opportunity for anyone to make final comment for that Inspector to consider, and we encourage anyone who wishes to do so, to submit their opinion by the November deadline”

The consultation will run for just over six weeks until 5pm on Monday, 18 November – any comments received after the deadline cannot be accepted.

To read more about the plan, the consultation process and to make comments, visit

The plan is also available to view at the Public Services Centre on Gloucester Road in Tewkesbury, or at libraries and advice centres in throughout Tewkesbury Borough.

The Parish Council will be discussing their response to this document during the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 13th November 2019

Tewkesbury Borough Council declares a climate emergency

Tewkesbury Borough Council continues to take action to tackle climate change as councillors declare a climate emergency.

At a meeting of full Council on Tuesday, 1 October, councillors supported a motion to:

·         Commit to doing all in its power to make Tewkesbury Borough Council offices carbon neutral by 2030.

·         Expand the remit of the existing Flood Risk Management Group to deal with climate change matters.

·         Call upon central government to provide additional powers and resources to support local and national action towards the 2030 target.

·         Commit to working with partners in Gloucestershire to achieve County-wide carbon neutrality aims.

Councillor Rob Bird, Leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “Tewkesbury Borough Council has worked hard to create more sustainable living and communities through our clean and green environment portfolio, a crucial part of our executive committee since 2007.

Working with the county council as it develops its climate change strategy for Gloucestershire, will give further impetus and our latest initiative demonstrates yet again how Tewkesbury Borough Council is focused on the practical needs of the community we serve.”

Cllr Jim Mason, lead member for clean and green environment said “declaring a climate emergency gives us the catalyst for greater change. It provides  another way to show our residents that we are doing everything in our power to reduce carbon emissions and become a carbon neutral organisation.”

Over the coming months the Flood Risk Management Group will work on devising an action plan detailing further actions the council will take to address this emergency. This will be reported back to Council in April 2020.