Listed below are recent planning applications and where available decisions made.  For full information and ability to make comments all applications can be found on the TBC website

New Applications:

20/00140/OUT – Land Off A38, Coombe Hill, Gloucester.  Outline application for up to 150 dwellings, associated infrastructure, ancillary facilities, open space and landscaping. Construction of a new vehicular and pedestrian access to the A4019.

20/00032/CLE – Slate Mill, Tewkesbury Road, Elmstone Hardwicke. Certificate of Lawful Use for the erection of and continued use of a  building as a self contained dwelling and associated garden for a continuous period in excess of 4 years.

19/01208/FTP – Leigh End Farm, Church Lane, The Leigh. Diversion of footpath ALH16 for planning application 19/00857/FUL.

19/00004/NMA – Vine Tree Farm, Coombe Hill. Non material alterations to planning permission 17/00478/FUL.

19/00857/FUL – Leigh End Farm, Church Lane, The Leigh. Demolition of existing agricultural buildings and structures. Erection of an agricultural building to provide cubicle housing for dairy herd.

19/00888/FUL – Villa Farm House, Tewkesbury Road, The Leigh. Part demolition, extension and alteration of existing detached garages and store to provide annex in association with existing farmhouse.

Pending Applications:

18/00173/FUL – Land adjacent to The Swan, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Residential development comprising 25 no. dwellings, with new vehicular/pedestrian access onto the A38, relocation of bus stop, sustainable drainage and foul treatment works associated landscaping, access and parking.(AMENDED DESCRIPTION AND DETAILS RECEIVED). Amended site layout 24.09.18

17/01337/OUT – Land off A38, Part Parcel 0120 Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill (behind the petrol station).Outline application for up to 40 dwellings, associated infrastructure, ancillary facilities, open space and landscaping with vehicular and pedestrian access from A38. All matters (Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale) reserved for future consideration. New Design and Access statement added to planning portal 26.07.18.

16/02000/OUT – Elms Park. Outline application for up to 4115 new homes, 24 ha of employment, a hotel and mixed use centres providing retail and community facilities, a transport hub and public transport inter change, primary and secondary school education, new areas of green infrastructure including areas of play sports hub, woodland planting, allotments and habitat, new access onto Tewkesbury Road and Manor Road, new foot-ways and cycle-ways, and drainage infrastructure.Information last updated 10.09.18

Planning Application decisions:

19/01130/FUL – The Elms, The Leigh. Removal of condition (a) of planning permission no. T.1454/C which restricts the occupancy of the dwelling to persons ’employed or last employed locally in agriculture’. PERMIT dated 10.03.2020.

19/01000/FUL – Rosemary Cottage, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Erection of a single storey front extension, installation of windows and roof lights, removal of existing window and replace with door. PERMIT dated 11.12.19

15/00752/FUL – Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh. Update on the construction of three new poultry units for up to 155000 birds, feed bins, new access road, landscaping, flood mitigation and associated works. Revised/additional information added to the planning portal as at September 2017. REFUSED dated 03.01.18. Considered that proposed buildings and associated features are visually intrusive and harmful to the landscape and are therefore in conflict with NPPF, Policy LND3 and SD6. The passing bays are considered visually intrusive and harmful to the landscape so are in conflict with NPPF, Policy LND3 and SD6. Trees protected by a TPO were not sufficiently protected – NPPF, Policy LND3, Policies SD6 and INF3. Adverse affect on the Church and other heritage assets – NPPF, Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and SD8. Cumulative impact of odour, dust, vehicle movements, noise, vibration and bioaerosols will cause unacceptable harm to nearby residents and the road network is not suitable to cater for increased number and type of vehicle movements – NPPF and policies INF1 and SD14. Appeal against refusal of Planning Permission ref APP/G1630/W/18/3206201. Appeal dismissed dated 05.08.19

19/00076/FUL – Fieldview Bungalow, Tewkesbury Road, The Leigh.  Change of use of landscape area and caravan site to motor home sales and repairs, change of use of existing dwelling to associated sales and office use, installation of solar panels on front elevation roof slope of existing building, provision of hard standing to provide extended vehicular display area and provision of customer and staff parking area in association with the sale of motor homes, and  provision of associated landscape works. PERMIT dated 03.07.2019

19/00077/ADV – Fieldview Bungalow, Tewkesbury Road, The Leigh. 2 no. non-illuminated board signs (1.2m x 3m), 1 no. non-illuminated customer parking sign and 8 no. banner signs. CONSENT dated 17.06.19. 2 Conditions attached including work to be carried out in accordance with the plans submitted Jan, April and June 2019 as listed. All signage is to be non-illuminated (Banners removed from the application)

19/00145/APP – Little Holborn, Church Lane, The Leigh, Gloucester. Approval of reserved Matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline planning permission reference 16/01272/OUT, for the erection of 2 no. dwellings and associated access. APPROVAL dated conditions attached. All work to be carried out in accordance with details within application and drawings as listed in the approval letter dated 30.04.19 together with ensuring that all planting, seeding and turfing as outlined in the landscaping information is carried out in the first planting and seeding season following the occupation of the buildings. Any trees that die within the first 5 years will need to be replaced.

19/00131/FUL – Tod Cottage, The Leigh,Gloucester. Extension and alteration to attached building (revision of plans previously approved under 15/01320/FUL).PERMIT dated 29.04.19. 6 conditions attached including work to be commenced within 5 years, all work carried out in accordance with the approved plans received on 28.02.19 and external materials of proposed building to match existing buildings as close as close as possible. Before work commences the retained hedgerow is securely fenced off by a chestnut paling or similar erected 1m from the hedge. Within the areas fenced off existing ground levels are not to be altered and no materials or temporary buildings/surplus soil placed or store there. Any trenches for services in the fenced off area will need to excavated and back filled by hand and any tree roots encountered greater than 5 cms or more must not be severed. The first flood window in the north elevation must be non-opening and obscure glass and maintained thereafter. This development shall only be used in conjuction with and as ancillary to the residential enjoyment of Tod Cottage

18/00711/FUL – Windyridge, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill, Gloucester.  Demolish redundant agricultural building and construct 5 bedroom 2 storey house. REFUSE dated 08.04.19. 3 reasons for refusal – proposal would represent inappropriate development in the Green Belt and would conflict with its purposes. No ‘very special circumstances’ to outweigh the harm to the Green Belt, and any other harms, and the proposed development would therefore conflict with Policy SD5 of the JCS. The proposed development would be located outside of the built up area and the site does not constitute previously developed land given its former agricultural use. The erection of a new dwelling in this location would not represent infilling within the existing built up area and does not satisfy any of the other criteria within Policy SD10. The proposed dwelling as a result of its siting, scale and design would result in an unacceptable encroachment into the open countryside which would be harmful to the setting of the Landscape Protection Zone and contrary to Policies SD4 and SD6 and LND3.

18/01200/FUL – Wharf Cottage, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Erection of a new dwelling, garage and new access. PERMIT dated 20.02.19. 12 planning conditions attached that include: building before the expiration of five years from permission, the development must be carried out in accordance with approved named drawings, to agree a programme of archaeological work, to follow the ecological protection and mitigation measures set out within the Wild Services Ecological Appraisal and Precautionary Method Statement dated 8th Feb 2018, no demolition or site clearance can commence or materials brought on site until measures to protect trees and hedgerows have been installed as per submitted details. Samples of materials and finishes are to be submitted to LPA for approval, vehicular parking and turning facilities are provided as per drawings and before occupation and existing roadside boundaries have been set back to meet agreed visibility splays. Precise landscaping information needs to be approved in writing before above ground development can take place, bat boxes installed as set out in the Wild Service Preliminary Ecological appraisal dated 8th Feb 2018, no external lighting to be installed at the site or upon buildings (except PIR controlled security lighting) and the dwelling is set out on the levels shown on the approved drawing.

18/00970/APP – Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh. Steel portal framed barn to store hay and straw produced for diary enterprise. Re-consulted. Revised information on the planning portal (12.2.19). Consent dated 14.02.19. 3 conditions attached including working to the details in the application form and named plans/statements, constructed entirely of the materials as listed in 1901180ALF received 12.2.19 and all landscaping details are carried out in the first planting season following the occupation of the building or completion of the development whichever is sooner. Any plants or tress that die etc are to be replaced in the next planting season.

18/00266/FUL – Wharf Cottage, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Erection of a new dwelling, garage and access. Application withdrawn 26.11.18

16/01270/FUL – Vine Tree Farm, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Proposed variation of Condition 10 of allowed appeal (15/01007/FUL), relating to protected species method statement and approved timetable. Not proceed with 08.10.18

18/00169/FTP – Wharf Office, The Wharf, Coombe Hill – Diversion of public footpath ALH2. Application withdrawn 03.10.18

18/00057/FUL – Land near Wharf  Office, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Erection of 1 no. detached dwellinghouse. Revised plans to include lowering the ridge line, construction of two dormer windows into each roof slope, addition of blue brick detailing above windows and doors and to the brick chimney. Redesign of porch.Application withdrawn August 2018.

18/00580/FUL – Land adjacent to Fieldview Bungalow, Tewkesbury Road, The Leigh. Change of use of land for the siting of 8 no. caravans for gypsy and traveller use, and the provision of associated vehicular parking, acoustic fencing and landscaping. Application withdrawn dated 28.8.18

18/00186/FUL – Two storey extension to The Barracks, Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh. GL19 4AF.PERMIT dated 05.09.18. 3 conditions attached including working to the revised approved plans received 23rd August 2018 and details or samples of external materials have been approved.

17/01324/PDAD – Former Dairy Building, Opposite 1 Orchard Nook, The Leigh.  Prior approval for the conversion of former dairy to single dwelling and associated works.Prior Approval Refused dated 31.08.18. Refused due to existing building utilised for an alternative use following cessation of its former use as a dairy building in 1993. The proposal incorporates the creation of a hard surface/patio area. The proposal does not comply with the restrictions set out at paragraph Q.1 (a) and (i) of Part 3 to Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 and does not therefore constitute permitted development.

17/00478/FUL – Vine Tree Farm, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Proposed erection of replacement three-storey dwelling with attached orangery, additional basement level and basement level garaging. Associated re-grading, land and hard and soft landscaping and new access/driveway – revised scheme further to allowed appeal ref:15/01007/FUL and withdrawn application ref: 16/00410/FUL. Revised site plan layout with bat house added September 2017. REFUSED dated 26.09.17. Contrary to Sections 7 and 11 of the NPPF, Poicy LND3 of the Tewkesbury Borough Local Plan to 2011 -March 2006 and Policies SD5 and SD7 of the Main Modifications Version of the Joint Core Strategy. Appeal against refusal of planning permission. Appeal Allowed, costs refused 13.07.18.

18/00299/FUL – Drawdykes, Blacksmith Lane, The Leigh. Erection of replacement detached garage/store. PERMIT dated 30.05.18. 3 conditions attached including working to submitted documents and drawings and external facing render to match in colour, form and texture to existing annex outbuilding.

18/00241/FUL – Daniels Orchard, The Leigh, Gloucester. Single Storey extension to annex outbuilding. PERMIT dated 14.05.18. 5 conditions attached including working to all submitted documents and drawings, materials must match the existing and the building must remain as an annex to the main dwelling.

18/00105/FUL – Land at Blacksmith Lane, The Leigh. Erection of a dwelling (revised scheme Ref: 17/00670/FUL). PERMIT dated 29.03.18. 7 conditions attached including working to approved plans and materials and planting details. Access, car parking and manoeuvring facilities are completed before occupation. Building operations shall not commence until samples of roof tiles are submitted and approved.

17/00072/FULLand Parcels 7946 & 9067 Fiddington, Tewkesbury. A Biomass-based anaerobic digestion facility including primary digester with feed processing hoppers; secondary digester; final storage tanks; biomethane upgrading unit; grid entry unit (GEU); propane tanks (LPG); preliminary pit; condensation pits; pump container; biogas boiler; standby flare stack; weighbridge; agricultural feedstock storage (silage clamps); digestate separater; office with associated foul drainage pit; landscape works including bunding and reprofiling using excavated material and planting; rainwater retention ponds, drainage system and newt ponds; underground gas pipe to connect to gas main with associated grid entry unit and hard surfacing including alterations to existing vehicular access, internal roads and parking. REFUSED 11.04.17 but now gone to appeal. Appeal withdrawn by Appellant 02.02.18.

17/01065/FUL – 2 Walton Grange, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Single storey side and rear extension plus internal alterations. PERMIT dated 29.11.17. 3 conditions attached including working to approved drawings of 2nd Oct and revised drawing of 7th November. External materials must match existing dwelling house.

17/00961/FUL – 2 Astley Cottages, Church Lane, The Leigh. Single storey front, two storey side and rear extension. PERMIT dated 26.10.17 with 4 conditions attached. NB. note change to planning application description.

17/00756/PDAD – Windyridge, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill, Glos.  Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building to a residential use (C3) – new dwelling. PRIOR APPROVAL REFUSED  dated 24.10.17. Proposed development does not comply with restrictions set out at paragraph Q.1 (i)mof Part 3 to Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 and does not constitute permitted development.

17/00670/FUL – Land at Blacksmith Lane, The Leigh. Erection of a dwelling. PERMIT dated 02.11.17 with 8 conditions attached.

17/00592/LBC – Evington House, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Installation of roof lantern  and French doors in rear kitchen bay. CONSENT dated 30.08.17 with 2 conditions attached.

17/00364/FUL – Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh. Change of use of ‘The Barracks’ to provide an ancillary one bed dwelling (part retrospective). PERMIT dated 31.05.17 with 2 conditions attached.

17/00317/LBC – Evington House, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Minor amendments to layout internally and dilapidation repair works. PERMIT dated 11.05.17 with 3 conditions attached.

17/00240/OUT – Land adjacent to Stone Cottage, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Outline application for the erection of a new detached dwelling and associated access (all matters reserved for future consideration). Revised plans – change of extent of red line; revised illustrative layout; additional information regarding local context; illustrative elevation drawing; additional element to proposal (part of site now contains a change of use of adjoining land to residential curtilage in association with Stone Cottage). REFUSED 04.07.17 Conflicts with TBC policies HOU4 and LND3

16/01417/FUL – Burnaby, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Resubmission – now single storey extension to the side and rear of the property. PERMIT dated 14.02.17 with 3 conditions attached.

16/01358/FUL – Land Adjacent Stone Cottage, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. Proposed stables and store (for private use only). Amendment to now include associated access track constructed from Grass Grid system. PERMIT dated 26.07.17 with 6 conditions attached.

16/01281/FUL – Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh. Retrospective application for the erection of field stable. PERMIT dated 27.02.17 with 5 conditions attached.

16/01272/OUT – Little Holborn, Church Lane, The Leigh. Outline planning application for the erection of 2 dwellings and associated access, with all matters reserved for future consideration except for access. PERMIT dated 17.01.17. with 14 conditions attached.

16/01191/FUL – Tudor Cottage, Blacksmith Lane, The Leigh. Erection of flood defence measures including walling, removable panels and bunding with associated engineering operations to re-grade land. Updated arboriculture information. PERMIT dated 19.06.17 with 4 conditions attached.

16/01192/LBC – as above. Grade II Listed Building ref:28/69. PERMIT dated 19.06.17 see above.

16/01168/FUL – Burnaby, Tewkesbury Road. Coombe Hill. Two storey extension to the side of the property. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN.

16/01001/FUL – Grange View, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill. GL19 4BL. Front extension and reposition  of previously approved rear elevation dormer. PERMIT dated 26.10.16. with 4 conditions attached to the permission.

16/00741/FUL – Cyder Press Farm, The Leigh, Gloucester. Remove part link building and form porch to both buildings. Construct dwarf stone walls and fences to provide privacy between dwellings.  PERMIT dated 19.10.16. with 4 conditions attached.

16/00742/LBC – Cyder Press Farm. Listed building Consent – see planning application 16/00741/FUL

16/00410/FUL – Vine Tree Farm, The Wharf, Coombe Hill. Proposed replacement dwelling with attached garage building. Hard and soft landscaping. Provision of new access and driveway. Revised scheme following planning permission ref.14/01224/FUL and refused application ref. 15/01373/FUL – Alternative materials and design and inclusion of dormers to all elevations and creation of additional living accommodation within the roof space. Erection of brick built outbuilding within adjoining paddock area to provide garden store with bat roost over – additional drawings submitted. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN and replaced by Planning Application 17/00478/FUL

16/00163/ENFC – Alleged unauthorised conversion of an agricultural building at Leigh Court, Church Lane, The Leigh, Gloucester. GL19 4AF.