Community Governance Review 2021

Notice of Review June 2021

Dear Parish/Town Clerks and Parish Meeting Chairs

We are writing to notify you that it has been agreed to commence a boroughwide Community Governance Review with the aim of enabling the Council to consider what, if any, changes are needed to parish arrangements.

Please find attached a copy of the Terms of Reference for the review, from which you will note the review timetable and matters which the review may cover such as e.g., the name of a parish, alterations to boundaries, warding, the formation of new parishes, the abolition of parishes, together with any consequential electoral changes.

Whilst the Parish Council will be the main contact for this review, any interested person or body are entitled to comment or make proposals, directly, on any aspect of the matters within the review and all Borough/County Councillors will be consulted automatically.

We are keen to ensure that the review is widely known so that all interested parties may make representations/comments/proposals should they so wish, and we attach a colour copy of the Notice of Review for displaying on parish/town noticeboards and website please.  If you do not have colour printing facilities please advise in order that we can arrange to forward colour copies of the Notice via post.  If you are aware of any local resident’ associations or community forums/groups, please can you provide their contact details, as we will then notify them of the review and how they can make their representations.

When submitting your representations/proposals these should be supported by location plans with marked changes, where possible.  Also, if in any submission which affects another parish, it would be helpful if you would please indicate whether there has been any local consultation and/or agreement.

Finally, if your parish does not intend to submit any proposals and is happy with the current arrangements, please could you advise accordingly prior to the expiry date for the initial consultation period detailed below.

All such submissions must be received before the close of the review initial consultation period on 15 September 2021.  Submissions can be made in the following ways: –

•             Email to

•             Post your written submission to Electoral Services (CGR), Tewkesbury Borough Council, Council Offices, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Glos., GL20 5TT

For any further information please visit