The TBC Planning Department have been in contact with the Parish Council regarding the planning application for Wellcroft Farm 21/00101/FUL.  TBC have now received further amended plans which will be added to the planning portal shortly. Specific scales have been added to each drawing on the page and further to a discussion with the Parish Council, the planning agent has now added dimensions to the drawing to make it easier to read. Please see the attachment below. It is hoped that the revision will help to resolve the concerns raised.

As you are aware, Parish Councils no longer hold virtual council meetings.  Face to face meetings resumed on 7th May 2021. However, for minor applications the PC may still use the scheme of delegation to respond. So following the advice from GAPTC and due to the short time scale for a public response, the Parish Council seeks your comments on these revisions following the procedure set out below:

  • Planning Applications are already advertised on the Parish Council’s website. Here is the link –
  • The Parish Council would like to recieve any comments on the above planning application by 5pm on Friday 18th June 2021.
  • These comments should be in writing (either letter or email) and by the stated deadline.
  • At the end of the public opportunity to comment, the clerk will forward a summary of the public comments received to all Parish Councillors for member comments. To comply with GDPR the clerk will not circulate individual responses.
  • Under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation, the Clerk and appropriate Parish Councillors will agree a council response which identifies relevant material considerations and may give local information or opinion.
  • A response will be sent to TBC.
  • This response to TBC will be ratified at the next Parish Council meeting.

I also attach the direct link to the TBC planning portal –

In order for the Parish Council to respond in the given time frame any comments received after the deadline will not be included in the feedback to TBC. If the links attached to this notice become broken, please let me know.

Wellcroft June 2021 plans