Severn Trent Water Distruption

This is the latest news from Severn Trent:

“Our bottled water collection points are now open in Tewkesbury. We’re sorry for the supply interruptions in the area and we’re working hard to get things back to normal. Latest updates here:”

John has just been able to secure a small supply of bottled water from Severn Trent as this issue is now in its second day and this will be distributed around the village later today.

In the meantime, bottled water is being handed out at 3 main sites:

Gloucester Road Car par Tewkesbury GL20 5SW

Morrisons car park Tewkesbury GL20 5QG

Tewkesbury School GL20 8DF

They are only handing out a few bottles to each person. John also has a supply of water but it will need to be boiled for safe drinking and you will need your own water containers. Please call him on 07860  836522 and let him know you are popping down.

Please remember to check on our vulnerable people in the community and contact the Parish Council if you have any real concerns.

We will try to share news as we get it.

09:34 16.12.17

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