Agenda for the Full Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2023, 7.30pm at St. Catherines Church

Agendas Uploaded on February 2, 2023


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LEIGH PARISH COUNCIL FULL  MEETING ON WEDNESDAY 8th February 2023, 7.30PM at St Catherine’s Church.


1.  Welcome and apologies

2.  Declarations of interest.

3. To formally approve the Minutes of the last meetings.

4. To discuss the revised planning consultation request and consider a response for the following…

22/01003/FUL – Change of use of land for provision of a mobile home for holiday let

accommodation and conversion of 1st floor garage to holiday let accommodation, together

with change of use of land for display of 20 solar voltaics. The Croft, The Leigh, Gloucester

5. To approve the Financial Statement.

5a.To formally approve changes to the Parish Clerk salary grading.

6. Update on Highways issues.

6a. To discuss further information relating to the Coombe Hill junction upgrade.

7.   To discuss the Rural Cost of Living survey

8.  To discuss the changes to the May 2023 elections system

9. To discuss a potential celebration for the Kings Coronation.

10. Training

11.Any other business

Members are reminded that the Council has a duty to consider the above matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equalities, Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety and Human Rights.

02.02.2023                                                                                                                                  Kate Tilling, Parish Clerk