Gloucestershire’s community help hub

At times like this we all need to support each other to cope with the changes to our lifestyles we will have to make in order to delay the spread of Covid-19. This hub is a collaboration between all local councils, police and health services. Please only tell us you need help when you need it rather than if you might need it at some point in the future.

Can you offer help?

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Please note this is not a channel for emergencies or social care advice.  Information, advice and support about adult social care can be found here.

Please do not register that you need help:

  • If you are already receiving assistance
  • If you have enough help for the next 2 weeks
  • to request non-essential items

Become an NHS volunteer responder

If you need help there might already be a group you can get in touch with, check on Your Circle

Your Circle – information about community groups and revised service offers

We know that there is already a lot of great community support happening across the county and in many areas neighbours are organising themselves locally to offer their help to those who need it. 

We are conscious that not everyone has these local connections so we have created this community help hub to match local people who need help, with others who can provide the help they need. 

Please let us know what you or your business can do to help, or if you or someone you know needs help using the forms above.
If you are unable to use the online forms we have a phone line available, please call 01452 583519This is a priority telephone line for people who  need help or are volunteering, please do not use it for reporting other issues.

The lines are open;

  • Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday – Sunday 9am – 4pm

We will pass on the information to the relevant district or borough council to connect people who can help each other, or if appropriate refer individuals to an existing service.

Remember to follow the national advice and guidance about Covid-19 which can be found at

Help us to share details of this community help hub on social media using #gloscommunity

Information on schools and key workers

Leigh Parish Council Community Emergency Planning Information -Vulnerable Person List

We are surrounded by news relating to the Coronavirus and trying to sift thorough it all is not an easy task. The Coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the World. Generally, Coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people and those with long term conditions including diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. 

The Parish Council is taking steps to be pro-active in the need to collate and disseminate information. It is believed that at some point in the future we will be asked by a Government Department to supply a list of vulnerable people within the Parish. As all the Parish Councillors are very local we can have a good guess at compiling a list of our ‘at greater risk’ parishioners. There is still the chance that we might accidentally miss someone. There are also those that may not wish to be included in this.
If you know of or think someone should be on our list of ‘at greater risk’ please text or email the Parish Clerk. All the information obtained will be kept secure at all times. Ideally a name with contact details (phone, email or both). If, at a later date,  we require more detail at least we can contact those people directly.
The Parish Council has also been advised to encourage people to check on information using the Government websites:

The Coronavirus situation is fast-moving and there is an increasing amount of misinformation online. We should be using government advice to inform decisions and be checking that advice regularly.

·         Public Health England has FAQs that will be updated regularly.

·         This guidance, developed with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aims to assist employers and businesses in providing advice to their staff.

·         You may find the advice from ACAS useful in considering any employment-related matters that may impact your local council.

·         For further reading, the Local Government Association has published a very useful list of different government advice source.

Please send your information in asap so that we respond to any Government directive in a speedy manner.

Financial support for flooded homes

The Government has announced it will make financial support available to local councils to allow them to distribute funding to owners of flooded homes.

The Community Recovery Grant allows eligible authorities, like Tewkesbury Borough Council, to receive funding equivalent to £500 per flooded household. Residents whose properties have been severely affected by flooding can apply to the borough council for a £500 grant to help them with their immediate recovery.

The funding has been made available to local authorities where communities have experienced significant impacts as a result of severe weather that has occurred following Storm Ciara and Dennis – this includes those impacted by the 8-18 November 2019 floods.

Tewkesbury Borough Council’s leader, Councillor Rob Bird, said: “This announcement from the Government is welcome news, enabling financial support for residents whose properties have been flooded following the recent storms. I would encourage anyone from Tewkesbury Borough who has had floodwater enter their property to apply for a £500 grant.”

To apply, visit:

For more information on flood support, including any information on Business Recovery Grants that may become available, please visit:

Recycling and waste collections over Christmas

Refuse, recycling, food and garden waste collections will change for some Tewkesbury Borough residents over Christmas and the New Year.

You can see your own collection dates by entering your postcode at Alternatively, here’s a reminder of the rescheduled dates:

Usual collection dayRevised collection date
Monday 23 DecemberAll collections as normal
Tuesday 24 DecemberAll collections as normal
Wednesday 25 December·       If you had a refuse collection scheduled, please put your green bin out for collection on Friday 27 December.·       If you had a recycling collection scheduled, please put your blue bin out for collection on Saturday 28 December.! No food waste collections, sorry – please put your bin out on Thursday 2 January.! No garden waste collections, sorry – please put your bin out on Wednesday 8 January.
Thursday 26 DecemberFriday 27 December! No garden waste collections, sorry – please put your bin out on Thursday 9 January.
Friday 27 DecemberSaturday 28 December! No garden waste collections, sorry – please put your bin out on Friday 10 January.
Monday 30 DecemberAll collections as normal
Tuesday 31 DecemberAll collections as normal
Wednesday 1 JanuaryThursday 2 January
Thursday 2 JanuaryFriday 3 January
Friday 3 JanuarySaturday 4 January

Lead member for clean and green environment, Councillor Jim Mason, said: “We see a huge surge in the amount of waste collected from households over Christmas. Of course, it’s better to think carefully and plan ahead in order to reduce waste over the holidays, but for the waste that can’t be reused or passed on, our blue bins and food caddies are there to help you recycle as much of it as possible.”

For tips on how to have a green Christmas, visit”

Creative Christmas 2019

Over the past ten years this popular village event has raised thousands for charities such as Cobalt Cancer Care, Dementia UK and Riding for the Disabled as well other smaller charities such as Siblings Together and Post Pals.
This years event is bound to be as popular so remember to arrive early before those potential Christmas presents all disappear. Remember all proceeds go direct to the chosen charities.

Wandering Guinea Fowl

I have spent the summer rearing a flock of 16 Guinea Fowl from egg to bird ranging from 3 – 5 months old. They have done their time being in the outdoor runs and now they are enjoying their free range life. Unlike chickens they know no boundaries and are happy to explore. So much so Joan W and I spent nearly 2 hours looking for them the other day! They are friendly and keep together. I will do my best to keep them close to home but should you see them out and about in the village I’d be eternally grateful if you could call me on 07891883132 or give me a shout at Bishops Cottage so I can round them up. Many thanks! Hayley

Village Walk

Village Walk On Sunday 20th October a number of villagers (and their dogs) met at St.Catherine’s Church for a village walk. The route was planned around some regularly, and not so regularly used footpaths and took advantage of a number of fields where the crops had been harvested. Armed with Barry’s hedge trimmer and Chris’ secateurs we cut back brambles, nettles and general undergrowth to make it easier for us and all villagers to navigate these in the future. Thanks to Sue and Barry for the post walk refreshments, Ken Preece for moving his herd from the field. All said we should do it again so watch this space for details of the next walk.

Chernobyl Childrens Visit

Children visiting Gloucestershire from the Chernobyl children’s project, Belarus, and all in remission of cancer, were once again given a warm welcome in The Leigh this August .
Particular thanks to Jez and Lucy Chandler who provided a special day “down on the farm”, allowing these children the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of being outside in clean fresh air.  The day ended with a BBQ at The Church Hall.

Clean air is particularly important  to the children who all come from those parts of Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, when a nuclear power station exploded and leaked radiation into the atmosphere. The impact of this is still evident; children are still presenting with cancers due to living in close proximity to Chernobyl. Research shows that a holiday in the summer, away from their contaminated homeland, boosts the children’s immune systems for at least two years, helping them recover from illness.

If anyone would like further details about hosting children for these holidays please contact Roger and Dawn, The Church Hall, tel 680997.


Creative Christmas and Riding for Disabled

Sue Withers and Anne Hidson went to the Maisemore RDA   and presented the group with a cheque for £1000. This was the result of an amazing amount raised by Creative Christmas which supports several charities. Riding for The Disabled helps children and adults with mental as well as physical disabilities and over the weeks and months that they attend the regular sessions, growth in their confidence and enthusiasm is clear to see and immensely satisfying. The money given to the Maisemore group, for children mainly from Milestones School, will go towards buying two new ponies which will give more children the opportunity to experience the magic of riding. The volunteers involved in this group spend a lot of time fund raising so this cheque was an incredible boost to their funds and they were thrilled that so much had been donated.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a successful                                                                                   Creative Christmas.