Minutes of the Full Parish Council Meeting On Wednesday 9th February 2022 at 7.30pm

Minutes Uploaded on May 4, 2022


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Present: Cllr P. Arkell (Chair), Cllr Morton and Cllr Theyer.

In attendance:  K. Tilling (Parish Clerk) and 4 members of the public.

1.Welcome and Apologies:

Apologies were received from Cllr Awford, Cllr Chandler and Cllr Glazebrook.

2. Declarations of Interest:

There were no Declarations of Interest required in relation to items on the agenda.

3.To formally approve the Minutes of the last meetings (December 2021 and January 2021):

The minutes from the previous meetings in December 2021 and January 2022 were approved. Proposed by Cllr Moreton and seconded by Cllr Theyer.

4.To discuss outstanding planning applications:

There were no new planning applications requiring a Parish Council consultation and response received within the normal time frame. A spreadsheet of all outstanding planning applications for projects within the parish has been circulated and updates provided where possible. The oldest one dates back to 2019 and before the arrival of Covid 19.  Councillors wish to express their concerns and frustrations where planning applications are just sitting on the planning portal. This then exposes them wrongly to the Appeals process for Non-Determination within a given timeframe.

5.To approve the Financial Statement:

The RFO provided updated figures for the Parish Councillors. The Precept figure has been requested from Tewkesbury Borough Council. The annual website hosting fee has been paid and it was noted that the website costs are slowly creeping up. RFO to keep an eye on this. No other known expenditure at the moment.  The accounts will need an external auditor this year due to the amount of income received, mostly via grants and CIL monies. The RFO has also requested that the Parish Council need to purchase some financial software that runs an accounting package.  Lloyds Bank are offering a three-month free trial for a package. As Lloyds Bank is used by the Parish Council it was agreed that this would continue to keep all records within one organisation.  The monthly fee was also very competitive but until the RFO felt that the free trial period would establish if this was the correct system for the Parish Council.  Proposed by Cllr Arkell and seconded by Cllr Theyer.

6.To provide an update on Highways Issues:

Councillor Glazebrook provided a report in advance of the meeting.  He has spoken with the parishioner that raised concerns over the state of the roads within the Parish. Cllr Glazebrook has then been in touch with Highways. He has suggested a resurface rather than pot hole refill outside several places within the Leigh.

The blocked drains at Coombe Hill are being dealt with. It is understood that the temporary traffic lights today at the Coombe Hill junction were to enable a company to undertake a CCTV drainage survey on behalf of Kendrick Homes.  When the original drainage work took place last Autumn it was noted that various materials were stored on the A38 and then subsequently they blocked the drain covers as these were not covered over. This was reported to Highways at the time and Highways were also reminded that prior to this work the drains were running clear.  This was as a direct result of drainage surveys and clearing connected to the traffic light upgrade.

Cllr Glazebrook is still working with Highways to reach a resolution for the stretch of road from Leigh Church to Leigh End Farm.  The Clerk has located some earlier emails that confirm Highways commitment to improving the road surface.  This will continue to be followed up.

7.To provide an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan:

The Leigh NDP is now with the Inspector and will take about 3 days.  He plans to make an unaccompanied visit to the area. Potentially, the plan could be available for public inspection in March 2022.

8.The Parish Allotments:

This discussion relates to a letter from Mr Troughton requesting payment and also a request that a new rent is agreed.  There followed a lengthy discussion about this issue as the history for this land goes back over 100 years.  It is known that in 1921 there were 20 plots. Between 1932 and 1937 all but 3 were void. The 3 remaining plot holders were moved and became responsible for the 3 plots as they are now. 1934 records show only 3 names. The rent used to be paid in two instalments -29th September and 25th March.  Much of this historic paperwork has been sent to the Archives, although the Clerk was recently handed a bundle of much older paperwork. Existing plots would benefit from being plotted on a scaled plan.  Each allotment holder now has a current contract and that monies have now been paid up to date.  In turn, the RFO has confirmed that following contact with Mr Troughton and obtaining the necessary bank details, all money owing has also been paid to him. The Chair will contact Mr Troughton shortly to ensure that he is now happy.

9.Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

It has been proposed that the Parish Council help to fund an organised event to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. An event will also give the Parishioners an opportunity to get together as a whole and include all the new residents of the Parish, especially from the new estate at Coombe Hill. Tonight’s discussion is to decide the principle of providing some of the funds.  After a detailed discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would contribute a budget of £4,000 (plus contingency if needed) to help fund a community event and use a small portion of the CIL money to finance this. There will be two Co-chairs … Cllrs Morton and Theyer. Meetings are being arranged to bring others on board and start organising equipment etc.  This sub-Committee will report back at each Parish Council meeting. When put to the vote all were unanimous.

 10.Any Other Business.

PROWS – still on-going emails to the officer responsible for this area

Brown road sign – GCC are to fund a brown road sign to indicate Leigh End as many get as far as the Church and think that is the end of the road.

Minutes – need to be put up on the website.


 Meeting closed at 21.05