On Sunday 18th December at 2pm, 5 of Santa’s Little Helpers including Emma-Jane and Georgina Austin, William and Lara Tidmarsh and Harriet Robson together with a little helping paw from Darcy Austin (the Cockerpoo) arrived at Denes Hollow very keen to undertake the task of emptying the village post box ready to sort the mountain of Christmas cards inside.  The Little Helpers efficiently sorted the post into their respective surnames ready for the ‘Big Helpers’ to tie into neat bundles ready for delivery. After a fun packed couple of hours with laughter and chatter filling the ‘sorting office’, the Helpers were dispatched on their rounds with their neatly tied parcels. Our sincere thanks goes to all the villagers who supported us this year and made such generous donations. We are delighted to announce that an incredible total of £160.00 will be donated to The James Hopkins Trust,  which provides practical help for severely disabled, life threatened and life limited young children living in Gloucestershire. Finally thanks to Jess Beeson, Annalee Tidmarsh, Jane Austin, Jo Robson and Karen Beeson for their assistance!