M5 Junction 10 Public Consultation – Upgrade of Coombe Hill Junction

I expect you have seen the yellow signs on the approach roads to Coombe Hill which refer to M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme and the Public Consultation that went live this morning.
Go to or click on the link in the text below. It should take you through to a Gloucestershire Highways page.  There is a light green banner across the page that says ‘M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme-Options Consultation’ and the words ‘Have your Say’ underneath. Click on the ‘Have your Say’ words and this will take you through to another page (my screen tab says Pinpoint).
Here you will find extensive reading material about all three elements of the scheme;
  1. Improvements to Junction 10 on M5 and new road linking Junction 10 to Cheltenham
  2. A38/A4019 Junction Improvements at Coombe Hill
  3. A4019 widening, east of Junction 10
There is lots of information to take on board and the initial concern is the impact on the traffic lights/junction at Coombe Hill.
I have extracted the A4019 and Coombe Hill Junction Technical Appraisal Report which provides the most detailed information together with Maps/drawings of the preferred option (Appendix B). Its in the documents section on this website.  It is still worth the time and effort to read through all the other information on this site as it will all have some level of impact on this Parish.
If your neighbours are asking questions but are not on this secure emailing list please direct them to the Parish Council website (or get them to ask to join my list!!).