Christmas Refuse and Recycling collection information from TBC

In this notice you’ll find all our Christmas and New Year collection information including any day changes (eg day changes or where some services are not running). All collection information is on our collection day postcode look up at

Friday collections: running 1 or 2 days early

Most of the collection changes are where collections are a day later. However, this year has one slight change from previous years, as the bank holidays straddle a weekend for Christmas day and Boxing day, we have needed to bring forward the collections that would otherwise take place on the Friday (25th December in this case). Normally for bank holidays we run a day later but this wasn’t possible this day. Where this is happening, the refuse is 2 days earlier on the Wednesday and the blue bins are a day earlier on the Thursday. This is only for the collections that would normally take place on a Friday – see the table below for the other collection information.

To ensure residents are aware of this change, in addition to the collection calendars they have received, online calendar and also the information in Borough News, a sticker will be put on every bin out for collection this Friday by the collection crews stating when that bin’s next collection is. So if their blue bin would normally be collected on the Friday 25th, its Thursday 24th if its green bin week, its Wednesday 23rd. This week is their last collection of that bin before the day change so they will get the reminder this week. (Sticker size below has been reduced in size it is a bit bigger than that). We’ll also do some social media beforehand to get the message out. Its really important residents know this, Ubico will not be returning for bins not put out on the right day. They will be logging this like they usually do when bins are not out on time or on the right day.

Additional collection information:

Some days the food and garden waste collections are not running in order to make sure we have enough vehicles to collect the refuse and recycling. This will be collected the following scheduled collection.

Brown bins: Some days these collections are not running as the vehicles are carrying out the refuse or recycling bank holiday catch ups. Residents can put a Christmas Tree out along side their brown bin after the festivities to make up for a non scheduled collection. Check your specific calendar to see if your collection is affected.

Food waste – we advise residents to avoid wasting food as much as possible and get creative with edible leftovers. Where a collection is not happening for a week, to double wrap it and put it out for the next scheduled food waste collection. We discourage putting it in the green bin but if the resident doesn’t have enough space in a caddy then this could be a last resort.

Treecycle 2021

Once the festivities are over and Christmas trees are taken down, they can be recycled at the kerbside for garden waste / brown bin customers, booked in at the Household Recycling Centres (Wingmoor or Hempsted are our closest) or taken to a number of Treecycle local drop off points for recycling. Our garden waste club vehicles will go round and collect the trees from the Treecycle locations.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Julie Davies

Waste Contracts Manager

Usual collection day

Revised collection date

Monday 21 December

All collections as normal

Tuesday 22 December

All collections as normal

Wednesday 23 December

All collections as normal except garden waste collections will not be taking place

Thursday 24 December

All collections as normal except garden waste collections will not be taking place

Friday 25 December

If you would normally have a refuse collection scheduled, it will be collected 2 days earlier on Wednesday 23 December

If you would normally have a recycling collection scheduled, it will be collected 1 day earlier on Thursday 24 December

There will be no food or garden waste collections if your bin day would normally fall on Friday 25th December  

Monday 28 December

Refuse collection will be collected a day later on Tuesday 29 December

Recycling collections will be collected 2 days later on Wednesday 30 December

There will be no food or garden waste collections if your bin day would normally fall on Monday 28 December

Tuesday 29 December

All collections as normal except garden waste collections will not be taking place

Wednesday 30 December

All collections as normal except garden waste collections will not be taking place

Thursday 31 December

All collections as normal

Friday 1 January

Saturday 2 January

Monday 4 January

All collections are back to normal

Shop safely and locally this Christmas and enjoy free parking!

Tewkesbury Borough Council will be offering three days of free parking to encourage people to shop safely and locally in the run-up to Christmas.

On the first three Saturdays in December, the council will offer free parking in its car parks in Tewkesbury town and Winchcombe. It is hoped that more people will be enticed into local town centres in the weeks before Christmas to avoid unnecessary travel, help local businesses recover from the effects of the second lockdown and discover a unique festive shopping experience.

In previous years, the borough council has offered two days of free parking in the run-up to Christmas, but this year, recognising the unprecedented difficulties currently faced by local businesses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the council has added a third free day. 

The dates are the same for both Tewkesbury and Winchcombe:

  • Saturday 5 December 
  • Saturday 12 December 
  • Saturday 19 December

 Councillor Robert Vines, lead member for finance and asset management, said: “We want to encourage residents to support their local shops by doing this year’s Christmas shopping near to home. When lockdown ends on 2 December, we hope people will choose to take advantage of the free parking and great range of retailers to buy gifts and festive fare. Our environmental health officers have been working closely with local businesses to help introduce Covid-secure measures to ensure the risks are minimised as much as possible.”

Temporary road closure U40345, Church Lane, The Leigh: Ref 71428



Gloucestershire County Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to temporarily close partof U40345 Church Lane from its junction with 40347 Lane to Wellcroft Farm to its junction with Tewkesbury Road for a distance of approximately 430 metres.The reason for the closure is for communication pipe works in the grass verge.The road is expected to be closed from 08:00 on 10th December 2020 until 17:00 on 14th December 2020 only or until the works have been completed. For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit Alternative Route-as signed on site.Pedestrian access to premises on or next to the road and emergency access will be maintained.


Advance notice of A38 temporary speed restrictions – January 2021

A38 Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill

The section of the above road (as per attached plan) will be subject to a temporary 30mph speed restriction from 08.00 04/01/2021 until 17.00 08/01/2021.    

The restriction will be in place whilst Severn Trent Water install a new water connection at this location.

If you require any further information regarding this closure please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514.

Temp speed restriction Jan 21