Street Naming and Numbering – New Street Names at the Bovis/Hitchins building site (Part Parcel 0120, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill)

Re: Tewkesbury Borough Council Street Naming and Numbering – New Street Names

At: Part Parcel 0120, Tewkesbury Road, Coombe Hill

The Street Naming and Numbering Place & Communities team at Cheltenham Borough Council have received an application for permission to register new street names at the above development. In keeping with local themes and the location of the development site, the following road names have been suggested:

Each street name will use one prefix after the name (e.g. Road, Close, Street etc):

·         Corncrake

·         Whimbrell

·         Turnstone

·         Damsel

·         Emerald

·         Holly

·         Brimstone

·         Chalkhill

·         Swallowtail

·         Meadow Brown

 Site Notices were displayed on the 28th September and the consultation will last for 21 days (ending on the 18th October).

Full details of the full planning application may be inspected on the council website.

Any person who wishes to make representations about the application should make them, in writing, to

To contact the Street Naming and Numbering team please call 01242 264329 or email

If you require further information regarding the street naming and numbering of the above development, please do not hesitate to contact us.